• Quote of the Day

    “… Mass media is dying, and I have a lot of friends embedded in the bowels of the ship who deserve a seat on the lifeboats. Every day that goes by in which legacy media companies refuse to invest time, energy and resources into new business models is another day with the lifeboats firmly attached.”… Continue Reading

  • Fortune: 50 Most Powerful Women package is up

    Fortune’s published their 50 Most Powerful Women package. eBay’s Meg Whitman tops the list, with Oprah Winfrey at #4, Viacom’s Judy McGrath at #10, Time’s Ann Moore at #13, Anne Sweeney from Walt Disney at #16, Cathleen Black of Hearst Magazines at #34, Susan Decker of Yahoo at #40. Related articles on tough decisions, chucking… Continue Reading

  • Brewster Kahle: Digital Librarian, thinker, hero

    The Mercury News has two stories today about Brewster Kahle, founder of the Open Content Alliance, The Internet Archive, Alexa, and WAIS. Brewster is one of the web’s heros, imho, and one of the people responsible for inspiring me–back in ’92–to jump into what was then the text-based Internet. The work we did together, back… Continue Reading

  • Announcing Beta Fridays

    Lisa Wiliams and I are launching a new podcasting series called Beta Fridays. Every week we will talk about our experiences test driving new software/tools–and give you some on the ground impressions. If you have an interesting Web 2.0 or related tool or product you think we should look at, please let us know! Beta… Continue Reading

  • ONA conference : A look back and (brief) round up

    So the first ONA conference I’ve been to in 2000 years ended tonight–what was my take? On the plus side, this organization has some very passionate people and is truly trying to be more inclusive and diverse than in the past. On the minus side, they’re operating within a reactive, fear-driven culture that–as many pointed… Continue Reading

  • Back in Brooklyn, again

    I’ve been staying with my old friend B in Park Slope on some of my trips East, including this one. B and I met almost 18 years ago when we both lived in the Slope; we’ve remained friends through the years. B is planning to move out of the city in 2006; these plans add… Continue Reading

  • At ONA today

    Moderated a panel on blogging best practices at the Online News Association conference today that had good audience commenting and interaction (Hat tip to unconference guru Dave Winer). Best moments: CBS.com exec Dick Meyer in the audience and asking for advice on improving the quality–and quantity– of commentators on The Public Eye, the (new) ombudsman… Continue Reading