5ive: Services offered

Reading Steve Schu this morning made me realize a quick note (aka blurb) about my consulting practice was a good idea, so here’s a bit on services we offer:

  • Strategic business planning and new product development for web and mobile media, mostly information or consumer facing
  • Rethinking web-based products ad businesses to drive revenue, acquire or retain specific audiences, br0aden strategy or improve key metrics (uniques, active users, time spent, etc.)
  • Management consulting and organizational support on moving into Web 3.0 and multiplatform distribution/cross channel production distribution
  • Blog and community strategy and implementation
  • Benchmarking and original and market research associated with all the above
  • Editorial development

And for start-ups, in particular:

  • Strategic planning, marketing support, positioning, packaging, both for initial launches and funding presentations, and for beta launches with consumer focus
  • Advice and support for packaging product to pitch to third-parties
  • Editorial development

We do not do biz dev and we tend not to do projects that contractors could fulfill…we’re focused on the upfront and can help you hire the right people to do long-term implementation.
The majority of our work is with media and information companies and/or with search companies, social media start-ups, or platform-focused consumer ecommerce ventures.
We work with clients across the country and have a discount rate for non-profits.
Find more information including client lists at 5ive’s web site or at susanmernit.blogspot.com
Okay, commercial over–thanks for listening.