BBC at We Media

In a packed room at the AP, listening to the opening panels of We Media– quotes from BBC‘s Richard Sambrook on participatory media stand out:
“We don’t own the news anymore,” Sambrook says,”Our job is to be facilitators….As news becoms democratized,with a lot more input from the public, what is the role of a news organization like the BBC? What value do we bring?”
Sambrook goes on to talk about BBC as a validator or filter for citizen media and as a provider of context for the conversation. He says “It’s a whole new game.”
More Sambrook on the organization shift required by citizen media and Web 2.0 shifting consumer expectations and behavior: “It’s about repackaging ourselves and reorganizing ourselves for a completely on- demand platform–how we allow the public to engage with it, repurpose it, talk about it…In the end it’s a huge cultural challenge–you have to ensure the body of the BBC understands and gets what’s happening.”