Big media take note: Fashion blogs build a network

One of the realities of working with big companies is that they’re not always prepared to take the risk (read investment) that comes with jumping into a (new) opportunity.
As a frequent consultant in magazineland,’s development of a fashion blogging network pulling in popular shopping and style blogs BagCrazy, Coquette, SheFinds, PopGadget, InMyBag, FashionTribes and Tia Williams seems like something some bigger media entity might have started 10 months ago, but that hasn’t been the case–this Silicon Valley start-up is the first to get that exposing and promoting fashion bloggers can be lucrative and –yes–fun.

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  1. Kathleen Fasanella says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to get smaller entitities to take note as well. For example, I keep a blog on fashion manufacturing but none of the fashion blogs seem to find it worthy of mention. While I understand people can think this side of things is “boring” but the fact remains that fashion must be manufactured before it can be consumed! If anyone’s interested in product development in apparel and trying to get their own line started, it’s worth checking out. There’s tons of resources tutorials and advice at
    Kathleen Fasanella

  2. Denise Jones says:

    I use to want to have my own clothing line,but I have enjoyed the clothes that have been present to me. For example, I love Mo’nique clothing line because it is a line for plus size women. I want to know will you create a plus size clothing line or just a line for small sizes?

  3. baukjen says:

    this is great as its just what we were looking for!

  4. sHIRLY jONES says:

    My sixteen year old daughter will only wear very short mini-skirts to school. I asked her to wear dark hose with her skirts. She refuses ,she will only wear nude sheer leggs pantyhose. She says that only the nude pantyhose are in style.
    I’m very concerned for her. Thr other day she told me that boys in her class were looking up her skirts. I about had a heart attack! I asked her if she was keeping her knees together or crossing her leggs. She said that she didnt think about it. She also said that the boys would ask her if they could have a look and she let them.
    She told me that she didnt mind letting them look.I’m very worried about her, she has a very bad temper. I would appreciate any advice that any of you might have. I’m a very worried mom.

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