Brewster Kahle: Digital Librarian, thinker, hero

The Mercury News has two stories today about Brewster Kahle, founder of the Open Content Alliance, The Internet Archive, Alexa, and WAIS. Brewster is one of the web’s heros, imho, and one of the people responsible for inspiring me–back in ’92–to jump into what was then the text-based Internet. The work we did together, back in the day, was fun and creative and useful–and I felt so lucky to learn from him–no one was doing anything like WAIS back in NY then.
One of the things I’ve always admird about Brewster is the good work he’s consistently done–the other is how quietly–and effectively–he does it.
If you’re not aware of the Archive–or want to learn more about the Alliance–click on the hyperlinks.
Congrats, man.