eCommerce Watch: Mainstream shopping–Who’s growing?

In anticipation of the imminent kick-off of the (winter) holiday shopping season, a quick look at mainstream shopping sites and September 2005 growth stats. Big winners in the growth game in September were:

  • Target–15.9 million visitors–up 81% from Sept. 2004
  •–12.1 million visitors–up 60% from Sept. 2004
  • Ticketmaster–11.1 million visitors–up 50% from Sept. 2004
  • Wal-Mart–15.6 million visitors–up 39% from Sept. 2004
  • Dell–15.6 million visitors–up 60% from Sept. 2004
  • Amazon–35.5 million visitors–up 19% from Sept. 2004
  • eBay–52.9 million visitors–up 17% from Sept. 2004
  •–14.8million visitors–up 3% from Sept. 2004

Two of the top 10 shopping sites lost audience– Yahoo Shopping went down 30% to 11.1 million from 15.8 million, and Expedia went down 8% to 14.5

Susan sez: If you take Dell and Ticketmaster off this list as very narrow plays, the growth at Target and Walmart become notable when compared to the huge(but naturally slow-growing) Amazon and eBay. It would be very interesting to know what execs at these companies thought led to the higher growth rates–and to see how they all do over the Christmas selling season—-which seems to be starting this week–has anyone else noticed the Christmas shops opening beside the Halloween outlets?

(Via Internet Retailer)