• (Friday) Noted

    Crunch Notes: Mike Arrington launches a second blog. How many does one need before being judged truly obsessed? Frederico Olivera deconstructs his time in Silicon Valley–and resolves to rock Portugal. Carnival of the Mobilists: Proof that mobile is global. Neat blog. Interesting links. Forbes to Bloggers–You Suck, Bloggers to Forbes– Hey, here’s tons of traffic… Continue Reading

  • Web 2.0 workgroup: Now we are 12

    So Susan Mernit’s Blog has s joined the Web 2.o Workgroup roster-this is a loosely affiliated group of sites focusing on aspects of Tech Crunch BBQs (oops, I meant to say aspects of Web 2.0 experience and development)–it’s a super smart and opinionated crew, so I’m honored–dig in and check the blogs out.

  • Global blogging: recent stats

    Duncan Riley’s recent stats snapshot of blogging world-wide reports as of Oct 05 says that there are 100 million blogs around the world. Some locations and blog counts: Australia: approx 450,000 Austria: approx 20,000 Belgium: approx 100,000 Brunei: less than 3,000 Canada: approx 700,000 China: 6 million and growing Croatia: approx 50,000 Czech Republic: approx… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Umair gets mushy on why memorandum rocks. Ben Metcalfe: Sky News launches a blog.” Essentially, any comment is allowed, as long as it’s not legally dodgy, offensive or irrelevant. And of course we’d encourage you to be as constructive, friendly and informative as possible.” Googlebase: It’s official. SEO Watch: Microsoft joins Open Content Alliance (OCA)… Continue Reading

  • Quote(s) of the Day

    ” The barrier to entry for creating and consuming user generated content is lowering every day. As a result, small publishers are wielding an increasing amount of power and influence. There’s a warning here too: Networked conversations are growing faster and louder than anyone expected. Can corporate America really tune in and successfully keep pace?… Continue Reading

  • Danah Boyd’s research links

    Research and social media trickster Danah Boyd’s done everyone the service of posting links to some of her recent research– “None of this is Real: Networked Participation in Friendster” by danah boyd – currently in review (email Danah for a copy), ethnographic analysis of Friendster, Fakesters, and digital social play Profiles as Conversation: Networked Identity… Continue Reading

  • Google(Base) gobbles everything

    Some swirl around Google Base and a spare little screenshot from the GPlex via New Google Blog, Seems like this new product will take all sorts of data from everyone and organize and structure it and then present it back in Google results–in other words, who needs web servers, Craigslist, eBay, or whatever when you… Continue Reading

  • Satori: Andrew Krucoff=Toby Young?

    It just hit me–NY blogger Andrew Krucoff, a fine young snarker if there ever was one, is this generation’s Toby Young–there’s no other explanation for how Krucoff’s pass-along of a Conde Nast memo could lead not only to his ejection from the building, but to almost simultaneous stories on Gawker, Blogcelebrity , Jossip, Gothamist, and… Continue Reading

  • Andy Carvin: Greetings from Bangladesh

    Andy Carvin, who runs the just-lost-its-funding Digital Divide Network, is in Bangladesh and sends updates from there–he’s now minus camera and Treo( stolen), but still blogging and podcasting away. Go, Andy! Update: On a related note, the Global Voices list has some posts about the this short list of 100+ blogs in yet another contest.… Continue Reading