Rebuilding Media: Geeze, newspapers are screwed

Meaty post from Corante/Rebuilding Media’s Ben Compaine saying that newspapers have been in decline for 20 years and the economics–because of cost of production–are basically screwed. Compaine writes:
“So the down sizing of today is insidious if we think that newspapers are only in a temporary down trend. If only the publishers would hold on, things will get better and they can keep staff and profit. But that’s not the reality, as I noted 14 years ago..”
Compaine goes on to describe a changing market without big newspaper publishers as intermediaries brokering and distributing news.
(Susan sez: All this changes when it comes to local, doesn’t it? A focused local site, like the new Buffalo Rising, can take a good run at packaging content for both a psychographic and a demographic slice of a local market–witness, for example, the brilliant example of Jon Webber’s New West, a web property that may add print.)