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More shifting landscapes! Versign announced today that they will be running, the ping directory begun and operated by Dave Winer. Versign’s Michael Graves writes:
“There?s enormous value for the ecosystem in realizing Dave?s original vision for his ping server: a free, standards-based service that is easy to use, and effective in signaling to the world at large that you?ve submitted new content into the system.”
SiliconBeat reports the purchase price was $2 million; Rafat has additional details.
I’d heard a while ago that Verisign was looking for ways to extend their directory-based businesses; adding a ping server that can be the basis for more data-driven reporting sounds like a fit. Jason Kottke says that Verisign is also going to report a blog/RSS acquisition: given the way they are moving into a services/middle wear level, my bet for that would either be an integrated play like Feedster or even Technorati (huge data mine opp there), or a services company such as Pheedo or Feedburner.
Who knows?
Update: Great post from Dave Winer about the whole deal. Congrats, Dave!

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  1. Staci D. Kramer says:

    Hi, Susan. Nice job this week. FYI, via an interview with Dave, the price for was $2.3 million.

  2. Scott Rafer says:

    The Moreover acquisition is more in line with Verisign’s history of selling validated data to enterprises, which is not where Feedster or Technorati shine.

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