YA MSM and Blogging discussion

Yawn, yawn, the always interesting Jay Rosen does an admirable job of reporting on (yet another) discussion between impassioned journalists turned bloggers and main-stream media editors who have not yet jumped the shark and embraced social media–but I am tired of this discussion. Haven’t we beaten this topic to death, yet?
Ken Sands, in the comments, says it best: “While “Big Media” sits and stews about pointless questions like those raised by Michael Conniff in his OJR article, those of us in the “Medium Media” are busy experimenting with different journalistic practices. Heck, we started blogging four years ago.”
More great comments from Kirk H, who says: “I wonder if journalism will survive like open source software does now. I use WordPress for my blog and paid $50 for it even though it’s free. Wikipedia also survives on donations. That won’t work in a world where journalists rank near politicians in terms of trust-worthyness.”
Lisa Williams gets the last word: “Lisa to Traditional Media: I’m just not that into you. Sorry — you’re a great guy and I know there’s someone out there for you. Somewhere.”
Susan sez: Did the dinosaurs hold roundtables as they searched for lichens to chew? (In other words, move on and get with the program, dudes.)