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Om Malik reports that Yahoo is buying scheduling/meetup tool
This is interesting for a couple of reasons:

  • Yahoo is clearly chasing Google to build the base tool set/platform for a consumer-driven Web 2.0
  • It sends (yet another) signal to start-up entrepenurs in the tool set/social media space that acquisition is the most likely outcome for a viable product with a decent user base and cool apps
  • There’s a (new) rush to acquire and integrate these new tools–and take them off the market
  • The bubble–at least in Silicon Valley–is truly back(in other words, this convinced me)
  • We’re moving into a digital divide between the application makers–Yahoo, Google, eBay–for example–and the media and information companies–who have the content, but lack the means to both build and integrate–that’s the reason they acquire, but can they do as much with the compaies they snap up?

Last thought: Why did they buy upcoming and not meetup?

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  1. Jackson West says:

    Taking a wild guess at that last question, I’d say it’s because Upcoming better embraced openness — iCal integration, XML/RSS syndication. Yahoo’s been pushing their open API’s.
    Meetup pissed a lot of people off when they went to a pay model, and frankly, are more specifically for group organizing than actual event listings.

  2. Edward Vielmetti says:

    What Jackson said. Plus has a better model for capturing venue information than Meetup ever had.
    Now all needs to do is figure out what time zone things are in!

  3. Bernard Moon says:

    Another question is why and not EVDB or the other half dozen players? Probably because would have been cheaper than a DFJ-backed entity and the founders were willing to sell at a low price.

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