• Quote of the Day

    “My generation should be called the “Burger King” generation. Remember the “Have it your way” slogan? I think that is us. We don’t want Wal-Mart or Sears to tell us what to buy. We want to shop our way — on Ebay. We don’t want to watch entire baseball games, we want it our way… Continue Reading

  • Video ads get real: IAB announces standard

    So the IAB’s announced a new standard for video ads and members agree to become compliant. The guidelines are posted online, but basic rules are: In-stream commercials may be up to thirty seconds long for pre and mid-roll commercials. Publishers may offer custom lengths for post roll. A recommended minimum of 200 Kbps for encoded… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo RSS–Leveraging integration

    Yahoo’s new RSS features in mail leverage integrated features in a way few companies seem to manage. Scott Gatz says: “RSS in mail makes perfect sense for a few reasons: 1) people already spend a lot of time in their Mail experience, why shouldn?t personally relevant content be there too 2) While you read RSS… Continue Reading

  • More on mobile–identity and persona

    Mitzuko Ito: A recent paper on virtual presence and cameraphones from the September conference PICS, Pervasive Image Capture and Sharing: New Social Practices and Implications for Technology (Via Smart Mobs) Update: About 15 papers from the conference uploaded here on cameraphones and mobile…

  • NEW: Yahoo integrates RSS into mail and alerts

    I was out of town so I missed the event, but Yahoo announced tonight that they have integrated an RSS reader directly into Yahoo Mail Beta, and are expanding Alerts to include RSS feeds. Mike Arrington and John Furrier are first with, respectively, a brief story and a podcast/ interview with Yahoo’s Scott Gatz and… Continue Reading

  • Jason Calcanis on AOL

    Jason: “From what I can see, and I’ve only been here a month, we’ve got some work to do at AOL in terms of talking with our customer base. …I’m pushing everyone here as hard as I can to start blogs and start talking with our customers.” Susan sez: I can’t wait to see Jason… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Scoble: Happy third birthday to Technorati! Paul Montgomery: Clone the Memorandum API (and comments here) Via Design Technica: “According to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, roughly one in six U.S. Web users have used to the Internet to sell something.” Charles and Marie Shop: Deal of the day, aka… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Back in 2000, every entrepreneur who started a Web content company carried the same PowerPoint slide. It charted the astounding growth of U.S. online advertising, from next to nothing in 1995 to $6 billion in 1999. Then a dotted line shot up to the projection for 2005 — typically the $16.5 billion figure supplied by… Continue Reading