A leap forward–MSN and AP do deal for video news service, player

Yet another data point suggesting how quickly Internet video is going to become a standard– The Associated Press (AP) and MSN announced this morning that they are teaming to develop an AP Online Video Network to provide AP members with news video for their Web sites. The press release says “With the new service, AP will make AP news video available to a network of more than 3,500 AP newspaper and broadcast members in the United States. MSN will provide the video player and technology and will sell the advertising for the fully ad-supported service. AP will retain full control over editorial content in the AP Online Video Network.”
The service, which will be free for members, is scheduled to launch in first quarter 2006.

Note that MSN will be selling the ads–and, persumably, either paying a rev share to AP–or paying a straight licensing fee for the content.