Ad Networks: Tacoda teams with Technorati–and 199 other sites

MediaPost reports that Tacoda System’s new targeted ad network has just added Technorati–and 199 other sites–to the network, bringing the undiplomatic, aggregated reach to 80 million uniques per month, with plans to roll up sites that will add another 10-15 million uniques per month to the Tacoda Network.
According to the MediaPost article, the Technorati sites will not serve ads, but will send data to Tacoda that will allow their system to better target those users as they move to other sites…The idea of Technorati–and other similar sites licensing their back-end data was discussed as a possible business model back in the early days of large-scale data historical data aggregators like Technorati, but not many of the new-style search companies have done these kinds of deals, to my knowledge.
Susan sez: One would think that there would some instant cash benefits for Technorati here–both in a licensing model and with a revenue share incentive. And for Tacoda, the benefits of adding these datasets are obvious.