AOL: Layoffs pending in Q1?

It’s that time of year when AOL is inevitably readying its layoff packages-there hasn’t been a fourth quarter in the last 4 years that wasn’t the time for AOL dusting, cleaning and trimming–but the story from inside is that while the cuts are being planned now, they won’t be implemented till Q1 ’06–possibly to avoid those AOL lays people off at holiday time tales?
On a related note, I heard that AOL execs are reconsidering their multiple portal strategy and worrying that some of the traffic going to AOL web properties should better go to, all the better for a concentrated, targeted set of data–and users.
Does this mean that someday soon Netscape, MovieFone, and perhaps even Mapquest are going to become landing pages for the new AOL?
As one insider said to me, “They just never really got multi-brand.”

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  1. Dossy Shiobara says:

    The odd thing is that a December layoff is better for employees: it lets them know they need to start interviewing in January.
    Why is this good? Because most companies lock down recruitment in November-December through hiring freezes (cost containment at end of year) and lift those freezes in mid-January. So, you want to be interviewing the first two weeks of January to line up a gig by mid-January when companies can hire again.
    Laying people off during Q1 will put them at a disadvantage since all the positions that were locked down from November will be filled by mid-Q1. This will leave the recent AOL separatees at a disadvantage with fewer jobs to compete for.
    Employees complaining about holiday layoffs are being short-sighted and foolish. If you’re going to be laid off at all, you are much better off finding out in December than in January or February.

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