Bakersfield participatory media:User profiles driving traffic

Bakersfield’s Dan Pacheco led the team that built the Northwest Voice participatory media platform for the Bakersfield paper’s Bakotopia site. Noting changes after a recent platform and feature upgrade, Dan writes: “We’re seeing a tripling of traffic to Bakotopia, and much of it can be attributed to user profiles. In the past two months, profiles have jumped from number 13 to number 3 on the list of most popular features. I see this as a reflection of the core value proposition of Bakotopia — meeting and connecting with people who have similar interests and goals. Even more fascinating is the fact that user profiles now get more traffic than content — which includes things like furniture for sale, musicians wanted ads, rants, reviews and the like.”
Susan sez: It ain’t MySpace–but it is the same impulse–clustering actions and content around core identity as an important community attribute.