Fresh look: Blogging conference dos and don’ts

This post by Kim Weinstein reminds me how NY and California blogging conferences are, well, different:

Do: Accept invitation heartily.

Don’t: Forget this little noun: context. Find out the politics of the aegis under which you will be speaking.

Do: Purchase the sparkliest, pointiest stilletos you can find, especially if the Manolo is moderating.

Don’t: Get yourself seated between two thin, beautiful women if you have not lost your two-year-old pregnancy weight. Who are you kidding? It’s toddler weight. Why do they have to snack on frigging crackers and cookies all the time, despite your urgings of fruit and veggies? You WILL be photographed looking like Jabba the makeup artist and the unflattering photo will be posted on Yahoo News, so that all of your ex-boyfriends and former friends and enemies can gloat and bask in your back-fatness.

Susan sez: Does anyone in the Valley wear Manolos? Joking aside, Kim’s post is worth a read.

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  1. Badgerbag says:

    Wow. That was fascinating and strange. I read a massive chunk of Kim’s blog and feel like I have visited an alien planet.

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