Fun with food news

A recent and USA WEEKEND Magazine has some interesting data points about American adults and, uh, food:

  • Stranded on a desert island and faced with a choice between an unlimited supply of beer and burgers or a vegetable-only diet and Angelina Jolie as a hut mate, a solid majority (61 percent) of men would become vegetarian.
  • For women, the choice between unlimited chocolate or a lifetime of eating veggies with Brad Pitt is much closer. At 51 percent, Brad Pitt just wins over the unlimited chocolate.
  • Bucking the national trend, 58 percent of women in the Northeast chose chocolate over Brad Pitt.
  • Meanwhile, a whopping 85 percent of men in that region — significantly more than anywhere else in the nation — picked Angelina over beer and burgers.
  • When asked to choose a popular TV show’s character(s) for a breakfast companion, most people (34 percent) said they wanted to share a tropical fruit plate with the castaways from Lost.
  • Over one-quarter of Americans admit they hide foods from other members of their household, with candy being the most frequently hidden food.
  • Women (20 percent) are more likely to hide candy than men (12 percent), especially if they are married.