iVillage: Up for sale?

Will iVillage’s sale to a bigger player be one of the consolidation plays for this end of the year?
Reuters and others are posting reports that women’s portal iVillage has–or is about to–put itself up for sale for $700MM, give or take.
The analyst quoted in the Reuters story imagines Yahoo or AOL buying the service, ideas I think are very remote possibilities–
After all, Yahoo just hired a former AOL women’s channel GM to run their health and wellness portal, and I just don’t see AOL making that kind of spend.
On the other hand, a media/newspaper conglomerate with some cash (are there any left?) who wants to bump up their ad inventory might be one prospect (News Corp? Viacom? Part owner Hearst?)
IMHO, Best prospect– MSN, who could afford to roll up iVillage and acquire a chunk of AOL and go to battle against the portal guys Yahoo and Google–and if they don’t get AOL, iVillage could be a tasty consolation prize.

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  1. Denise says:

    I really hate this, former iVillager that I am, but I think you are spot on.

  2. jack says:

    i think it sure is worth alot if it goes for sale…might a billion..who knows

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