Killed: Piece by probably fictional author about equally fictional cable TV show

According to WWD, The NYTimes has killed a piece on the (fictional) HBO series Deadwood because they are concerned the article may be written by the equally fictional JT LeRoy. According to the Sara James piece, LeRoy (or someone who assumed that persona) told her on the phone that the Times killed an upcoming story because the paper was afraid LeRoy was a fake–and his refusal to hand over a passport, social security card or other government-issues idea nixed the deal.
LeRoy told James: “I’ve always played with identity and gender. I understand what [the Times is] saying, but they entered into working with me knowing that … Just because the Washington Post came after them, why should I be forced to prove who I am? They knew exactly what they were getting when they dealt with me.”
Susan sez: At what point does the TV movie follow the well-detailed exposes?

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  1. Richard says:

    Someone might look at the rumor I heard — that Stephen Beachy’s expose, published finally in New York, was actually suppsed to appear last May in the SF Bay Guardian but it got killed. The implication is that someone had a vested interest in keeping the JT Leroy myth going.

  2. Bobbie says:

    Or, more likely, the Bay Guardian recognized it for the hatchet job it is and has more honor than New York magazine.

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