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“…People under 30 turn the dial — they try everything. Looking at the Internet, when you get people sort of over 40, you find that they probably use eight or 10 sites but use them quite a lot. People under 30 use 100 sites. It was the same with television, so when you’re starting, you tend to go for that younger demographic because you have a better chance of getting their attention.
….What does a portal mean? In a sense, we say we’ve got 30 million portals: In MySpace, everyone has their own portal. All of our sites will be tightly interlinked technologically, so you can click from one to another. I think you’ve got to network your stuff — that’s interesting. Half the advertising on Google, and a lot of it on Yahoo!, is coming from networked sites. You help people: If someone has a good blog on Yahoo! and there is some connection by Google, then they share in the advertising.
News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch in The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    my hero, mr rupert… artists can only drama of such driving creative spirit, mate.

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