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“Put the Gawker titles in a media conglomerate and they would spontaneously combust. Imagine, for instance, how AOL Time Warner would handle the X-rated party photos in yesterday’s Fleshbot, or a snide report on Defamer about the latest dross from Warner Brothers, or Gawker’s borderline libelous mockery of [Time Warner CEO] Dick Parsons. Without media conglomerates as targets, the Gawker titles would have no purpose. Gawker is not for sale but it is, more importantly, and in a deeper sense, unacquirable.”
–Nick Denton, founder, Gawker Media, quoted in OJR
Susan sez: What do you think folks, is Gawker really unacquirable (grin)?

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  1. Jackson West says:

    Sadly, I seemed to have made myself, like Gawker, somewhat unacquirable (and writing for the ‘Bot sure doesn’t help). No media org in this town would hire me! The Guardian doesn’t count.
    Kidding (kinda). Still, there is something to be said for the pre-burning of bridges. The Chron probably wouldn’t talk to me if I jumped off the GG bridge during their seven-part series, and that gives me the freedom to ravage them in all sorts of delicious ways.

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