What tech companies just found out–Women buy technology, too

“Last week my 11-year-old came in and said she needed a JumpDrive to transfer digital files back and forth from school, and who buys it? My wife.”
Paul Rand, chief development and innovation officer at communications firm Ketchum
The Business Week article on Dell, Samsung and Best Buy’s new interest in marketing to women is full of catchy sound bites, data nuggets, and tips on how to make your store decor more appealing to suburban moms(take that with a grain of salt.)
Of course, one hopes the authors came across some of the terrific women-authored tech/gadget blogs out there– ShinyShiny, TechieDiva, and Barb Dybwad’s Geeked (also at Engadget)–as they researched this just in time for the holidays story.
After all, journalists are supposed to be smarter than consumer electronics marketing people–right?

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  1. Jeremy Pepper says:

    Of course, those PR people that actually spoke to the public while they worked knew about this. ;)
    But, there is that whole odd demograhic of early adopters. That’s a whole other story, though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Care to comment on this?

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