WSIS: Expression under repression

The show went on–despite the authorities cancelling the presentation. Ethan Zuckerman tells the tale of talking truth in Tunis. A snippet:
“Our joint project, Global Voices, is all about finding ways to call attention to conversations taking place in Citizen?s media? and our first panel includes two GVO regulars, Isaac Mao and Hossein Derakshan, as well as Taurai Maduna, from Zimbabwe.

Before introducing our citizen journalists, Rebecca talks about one of the critical issues we?re focusing on for the next two days: Internet filters. She mentions the just-released Open Net Initiative report on Tunisia, demonstrating how a US firm – Secure Computing – helps the Tunisian government censor the internet. Rebecca shows us pages that are blocked by the Tunisian firewall, as well as net censorship in China (including a comparison of a Google search for Tianeman Square Massacres from within and outside China.)”

Susan says: Now this is brave-and good.