b5 media: If it worked for Calcanis, it can work in Canada

Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, Duncan Riley, Aaron Brazell, Ingrid Diaz and friends are taking a run at the consumer market (having first focused on bsiness blogging, right?) with a new set of entertainment and celebrity blogs, including CelebArmour –a true homage to PerezHilton as part of their b5media blog network.
There are The Hilton Files, Top Model Gossip, MTV Reality World, a batch of blogs about beauty and so on.
Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or the easiest way to shoot for $25MM in success?

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  1. liza Sabater says:

    Wouldn’t these be one step away from being splogs? I mean, really, a Paris Hilton Blog? How micro-c can you get?!?!
    And, BTW, good luck doing it better than Perez or for that matter, The Corsair. The rock!

  2. Aaron Brazell says:

    Just poking around Technorati for mentions of my name and found this entry. I’m honored to be mentioned among the leaders at b5, but to be honest, I’m just one of their bloggers who happens to do alot of their technical support. :)
    Nice blog by the way. Did I read you just joined Yahoo?

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