Mixing it up: AOL shoves The NYTimes back down

In a world where Google and Yahoo are leaders, it will be interesting to see other large media and consumer experience cionglomerates with diversified product lines fight to get into the other sweet spots where ad dollars significantly flow.
If Jordan Rohan is correct, and Time Warner’s Dick Parsons never meant to sell AOL whole, just to build up interest and get better terms from Google, then one way to think about the recent turn of events is as a solid slap at the New York Times, another company that has been making a sustained and serious effort to grow into the portal ranks.
Not only did NYTimes buy About.com to grow their page views and diversify their platform, they bought it to further increase their consumption and targeted delivery of Google AdWords–putting them much close to AOL as Google’s biggest (and most preferred?) client.
So doesn’t a new (and presumably enhanced) AOL/Google deal shove the Times back down the food chain a bit–again?

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  1. Peter Hershberg says:

    I don’t really see what an “enhanced” Google/AOL deal has to do with the NYTimes. If Google is going to give AOL “preferred” terms, it’s not going to impact NYT in any way. What’s the effect of being “pushed down?” They already have a negotiated agreement.
    And if NYT didn’t feel as though they were a valued partner when their existing agreement with Google expires, I’m sure that both Yahoo and MSN would be happy to step in and offer some preferred terms of their own.

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