WeightWatchers reports that weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution. Is anyone surprised?(Via SPIP)
So how does Google collect and rank search results? Details here. (Via no fancy name)
Dave Beisel: Do new web services make the transition from serving digerati to usage in the mainstream? (Or, in other words, how does something new make it into the mass market?)
Tim Watson: His picture of the year, via Rocky Mountain News.
Slate: Why opening a cute little cafe will put you in the poorhouse. (Via Amy)
Richard MacManus games Digg.

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  1. Randy says:

    A great, wrenching, and poignant picture – but I could have done without the biased commentary that went with it. If Tim thinks this war is long and discouraging, I wonder where (or IF!) he studied history. If a war is fought to remove a tyrant and to establish a democratic regime in a part of the world where none existed heretofore, and that war is followed by two popular elections, well-participated and certified as credible by the United Nations, and the establishment of a constitution, then I wonder just what constitutes “encouraging” in Tim’s book? If a war lasts five or six years, with relatively and historically low casualties on BOTH sides, then just how short does a war have to be to satisfy Tim?
    And if Tim means what he says about sacrifice, then how DARE he talk about waste in the same sentence? Why does one Cindy Sheehan’s rantings cancel out the overwhelming sentiments of soldiers and their families in FAVOR of the war? I can guarantee you that virtually every soldier who died, was wounded, who killed, who sacrificed peace of mind, safety, time with family, careers, futures…they don’t think their efforts were wasted. And I don’t think much of anyone who can say so quite so easily. I suggest that Tim contact ONE – just ONE family of a soldier who died, and ASK if they feel that their husband/brother/son/daughter’s sacrifice was wasted. And if he feels their loss so keenly, I can give him a long list of charities that aid families of those wounded and killed in action.

  2. susan mernit says:

    Randy, whoa! Were you on the debate team in college?

  3. Tom W. says:

    Also, it’s “Tom” not Tim!

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