• Quote of the Day

    “Do you have more kids than you do blogs and struggle with finding that oh-so-special quiet time to write (I mean think staight)? Or are you overwhelmed with 20 blog mouths to feed while your realworld kid eats oreos in front of the TV?” — Jeaneane Sessums

  • Blogger caught on depressurized plane

    Blogebrity co-founder Jeremy Hermann was on of the passengers on the Alaska Airlines jet that depressurized at 30,000 feet, wrote about it–and took pix with his Treo. Jeremy writes: “Nothing can describe the helpless feeling you go through during a time like this, when you are absent any control, you cannot breathe, and everyone around… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “With podcasting just over a year old, the current maleness of the podcast audience at the aggregate level is consistent with gender usage trends of the early web. The fact that so many women who have listened to podcasts have done so recently signals the beginning of a trend toward a more balanced gender composition… Continue Reading

  • Wither Bayosphere?

    Some of the citizen journalists who have been posting at Dan Gillmor’s Bayosphere site for the past year are wondering what will happen to the site–and their involvement–now that Gillmor’s moving into a series of academic appointments and a new nonprofit. Mimi Kahlon writes:”…Dan, your leaving us in the dark about the future of this… Continue Reading

  • Looking back on 2005

    I don?t like year-end predictions, so I am going to skip making any, but I do want to look back at some of the people, events, and technologies that rocked my world. A few things that stand out: The explosion of MySpace and other social networks for under 25’s: This is the year when researchers’… Continue Reading

  • Maui was Wowi, or my holiday vacation

    Heading home today from Maui. Yes, it was great. When I go to the beach, I truly relax…and this was a great break after a busy fall and during an even busier winter. Some trip highlights: snorkeling (though I got seasick), hiking the coastline, Paia, road to Hana, especially the arboreteum and the roadside BBQ,… Continue Reading

  • Google/AOL: The $1B Dollar Misunderstanding?

    “We’re looking forward to what AOL can help us do for you, and believe that our new agreement with them will only create a better experience for you in 2006 and beyond…” –Marissa Mayer, Google, VP of Search Products & User Experience, on Google‘s investment in AOL Susan sez: I’m fascinated by Marissa’s statement that… Continue Reading

  • Dept of How cool is that?

    Kinja relaunches with blogger dashboards, aka cards Alex Bosworth does BozPages Disney & Zazzle: A new deal leads to neat new stuff Evhead: The social media top 10, according to Alexa data

  • Quote of the Day

    “Yesterday Tribe.net removed all its “mature” age screening pages in favor of making any Tribe marked as formerly “mature” or flagged by anyone who objects to the content, invisible unless you’re in the Tribe. Why care? For one, it’s an interesting experiment to see what happens when interpretation of 2257 porn record-keeping requirements is taken… Continue Reading