Passion: Gawker launches Consumerist–a new whineatorium?

Besides the fact it’s about shopping, and it has a name that actually means something, Gawker’s new Consumerist site promises to be the place where the editors–and the readers–can bitch and moan, sort of an untested Consumer Reports for the global nomads locked up in every suburb in america.
The subhead is Shoppers bite back (think Jarvis Dell Hell, folks) and the implication is these word-mincers will roar.
Editor Joel Johnson says: “Each week The Consumerist will guide you through the delinquencies of retail and service organizations. The Consumerist will highlight the persistent, shameless boners of modern consumerism — and the latest hot deals, discounts, and freebies around.”
Anyone wanna bitch? Sounds like this is meant to be the new whineatorium.