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“Yesterday Tribe.net removed all its “mature” age screening pages in favor of making any Tribe marked as formerly “mature” or flagged by anyone who objects to the content, invisible unless you’re in the Tribe. Why care? For one, it’s an interesting experiment to see what happens when interpretation of 2257 porn record-keeping requirements is taken to its extreme, and essentially made into a censorship tool anyone in a tinfoil hat can enforce. Another reason is that they’re censoring users’ content and profiles (mine included). It’s also interesting because you can see just how fucked up and useless the 2257 laws are. It’s like 1984 in there; anything deemed offensive is made to go away. I’m giving them a report card on Fleshbot about how they scored, and below is where I reveal more information about Tribe and 2257, and why I’m feeling a cold, cold anger toward Tribe.net about this whole thing.”
–Violet Blue, tinynibbles and Fleshbot

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  1. P-Air says:

    While all of us working at Tribe feel the pain that some of our members are expressing, it is also not helpful to have the issues mischaracterized. While it may seem like we’re taking things to extremes, the pain of inaction has already been felt by others. With that I’ll simply provide on URL that can help show what’s going on:
    Hopefully, people will begin addressing these issues more seriously w/their elected gov’t representatives rather than to take their anger out on Tribe for simply doing what it needs to in order to create an sustainable environments for all the other communities that are not affected by these new regulations.

  2. P-Air says:

    Oh yeah, here’s another link to one of Tribe’s discussion forums where some members that appear to understand the issues being faced by Tribe, discuss these more thoroughly…

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