When there’s more story in the comments,or “I can’t believe he said that.”

Yesterday’s post about the Craigslist story has all sorts of interesting discussion going on now in the comments–and the blogosphere.
The writer, Ryan Blitstein, said that there were no female sources for the story because “Sadly, few media critics and leaders of the citizen journalism movement are women. ”
That has provoked some good discussion from Elisa Camahort, Halley Suitt, Nancy White and others–and a lot of frustration at another journalist who doesn’t seem to get it.

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  1. Anne Z. says:

    Wow. As a recent immigrant to the land of web 2.0 from the country of mom blogs, I’m dismayed to see comments like that. It reminds me of the “where are the women in political blogging” posts that show up with annoying regularity on insular political blogs written by men.

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