Greetings from the Purpleplex

So this is day #3 of my new job at Yahoo.
It says something about the culture of the company that the halls are–literally–filled with candy–Red Vines, chocolates, gum, etc–it’s everywhere.
Niceness also seems a part of the culture–there’s an emphasis on grace and courtsey that reminds me of my kid’s Montessori school–but hey, I’ll take it.
On a day where the blogosphere was filled with discussions of search, Yahoo and Google, the attitude of Y! folks I talked with was that the press got it wrong–and that Yahoo was going to work it all out very nicely, thank you very much.
Yes, it’s day 3 and I am still psyched. And now that I’m getting down to work and meeting the team, I’m valuing the chance to focus.

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  1. Christine says:

    You are so lucky! I wish I was working for Yahoo. Keep us posted on what you do!

  2. Marty says:

    Way to go, Susan! With all that candy in the halls, I hope Y! had a nice dental plan.

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