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Mobile Dating is almost here says The Asbury Park Pressthey’re from Jersey, what do they know? The *new* mobile sites are Webdate, Zogo, Dodgeball, SMSGenie. The writer says “How would it feel to be single as the two people you’re sitting between on the bus send mating calls to each other over their cell phones? What would it be like to go to the bathroom during a date only to have your date meet someone better looking on her cell phone while you’re gone?”
On this one, draw your own conclusions.
Face on body launches–new software makes it easy to paste your face on, yep, a different body when you place those ads with photos.
Susan sez: Couldn’t they give it a better name, like Face Maker, Face Genie or Body Double?
USA Today: “U.S. consumers spent $245.2 million on online personals and dating services in the first half of 2005, up 7.6% from a year earlier, according to the Online Publishers Association.”

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  1. peter says:

    OK. Why are you so interested in dating sites?

  2. Sean Cruz says:

    Dating is not about meeting with mobile. Mobile dating is much easier than real met but I thought how much you know at face to face dating or may be online dating not supported with mobile dating.
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  3. cynthia says:

    Today every one wants to dating with our life partner or girl friend because he know every thing about our partner. I think this is good for young youth.

    Adult Dating

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