New so far: Blogs of 2006–Add your list!

Well, there are some interesting new blogs out there already–here’s what I’ve come across–if you are reading other new blogs that focus on digital media, social media, identity & reputation, tagging and/or the distributed web, online dating, mobile computing, mobile media, please share links here—I will highlight suggestions in a later post.
Ground rules: Blog has been started in the last 30 days and fits above topics–and it’s good–that criteria matters the most.
Okay, the current short list:

  • Modern Mediasphere–Linda Zimmer’s take on 2.0 as the jargonati might say.
  • Message–Stowe Boyd’s new blog–it’s just started and it’s already fascinating and about–yes!–2.0
  • MediaShift–PBS is launching a new blog about–what else–Web 2.0–by Mark Glaser, one of my favorite journalists.
  • MIT’s Adverlab–a blog on advertising, media and technology that Jeff Jarvis just blurbed.
  • Blogophile: CBS News’s Melissa MacNamara covers blog chatter–this one is going to have to get waay better to keep spot on my list–or change its name to Blogaphobic. (Via Dube)
  • JD Lasica’s got a brand new vlog called RealPeopleNetwork–worth a look.