O’Reilly eTel conference: Dinosaurs say Women extinct?

There’s been some surprise among friends of mine this past week that O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony conference, which runs Jan. 24-26 in the Bay area, has no–and that means zero–female speakers on the line-up. As in not even one of the moderators is female.
One friend of mine said “If Tim OReilly had the chance, he’d place women on the speaking roster–but they probably sold all the sponsorships so the companies picked the line up and they all chose men.”
Another friend said, “No, there are only three media sponsors, so it’s not that they *sold* the slots…”
And a third friend said “But even the media sponsors…well, do they think it’s cool there are only male speakers? Probably not.”
Susan sez: There is only one possible conclusion–there are NO intelligent women qualified to speak at this new conference. They’ve some how become extinct. Xeni Jardin, Anita Wilhelm, Gano Haines, Karen Marcelo–the dinosaurs have snuck out of the ice age and eaten them and these silly male geeks are just too dumb to find other women to speak at their campfire, oops, I meant conference.

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    Big yawn.

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