Personal tech: Resolutions for 2006

To hell with industry predictions, I am going to write about the one subject I can truly influence–myself. Therefore, this post is going to be about the personal resolutions I am making about my own use of technology tools in the coming year:
1) Get an iPod and go all digital
Yeah, I owned an iPod–and I gave it to my kid. This time, around, I want a video iPod and I want to move all my music over to digital–and figure out a media storage solution that works as well.
2) Upgrade my phone and add a decent video camera to it–with clogging and podcast components.
3) Start podcasting weekly– a friend had a great idea–I still want to do it.
4) Move my blog to a new domain and get off blogspot. Aanyone need explanations on that?
5) Upgrade from my friend’s digital camera to my own–and buy flickr pro–got it for my client, need to add my own access.
6) Tag more. I think tagging is amazing, but I avoid doing it. Change that a bit.
7) Get a decent new computer–or a cheap back up machine.
8) Do more new tools beta testing on a weekly basis–using that back-up machine I wanna establish.
9) Learn more–a lot more–about extreme programming–as I got more and more into product development this is a critical area to build competency.
10) Keep having fun with technology–it’s gotta be both enjoyable and useful–and it can be.
11) Turn off my land line phone for good–between the VOIP options and the cell, the $$ I am paying is a waste.
12) Buy a big TV. Yeah, I don’t watch it, but it’s time to upgrade from 19 inches, doncha think?
13) Card scanning or something–figure out something to do with all those business cards that are stacked in bowls around my office. I do want to talk to some of these folks again.
How about you all? What are your personal tech resolutions for 2006?

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    I just moved a friend off of Blogger into a WordPress blog with its own domain, so if you need help, let me know and I can help you migrate.
    One of the first things I did was add a tagging plugin so that all she has to do is write the word she wants as the tag in a field below the post box.
    I had no idea you were into XP, Evan reads about that a lot but has never been in a workplace that has true XP.

  2. Roland Tanglao says:

    wow that’s quite a list!
    doing all that would be hard for others but for you will be doable!
    looking forward to the podcast!

  3. David Young says:

    Good list. Big TV, more testing, and Flickr Pro are on my things-to-do-next-year list also. Also makes me feel good about jumping to VOIP at the end of 2005 — to hell with SBC, but of course, now all my critical services go through Comcast, which is probably no better. (via SFist)

  4. Chetan says:

    And how will you migrate your existing content from this place ? Can you please reply to the e-mail address I have provided ?

  5. heathervescent says:

    Susan, you should put your list on Superviva ( You can see my 2006 goals there:

  6. Rachel C says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just discovered your blog :) As Lisa said, WordPress has some great tagging plugins for Technorati which makes things a lot simpler. WordPress has a tonne of other plugins and functionality which make it so much nicer than Blogger.
    As for #12 – go for a projector, they’re so much cooler ;)
    Happy New Year!

  7. Peter Krasilovsky says:

    Susan: My tech resolutions are to stop being lazy and embrace the exciting new things we have.
    1: Stop using Mapquest. I know Yahoo and Google Maps are really better.
    2: Stop using Switchboard. I know there are several better IYP solutions.
    3: Start relying on some of the social nets before I order from local services. There is no excuse for getting ripped off by garage door companies anymore.
    3: Stop using some of the portal news headlines, and start relying on some of the great RSS news wrapups.
    4: Dump some of the print subs coming to the house, and start relying on the online versions more. The line has finally crossed.
    5: Do my own website changes, rather than relying on the designer (good as he is).

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