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“I think there is a huge appetite for people to be able to publish easily to the web. I think there is a question in my mind as to whether or not blogs as they exist today are in fact that medium. I think they come today with a lot of conventions: You need to publish every day, you can?t retract or revise things, you have to publish another post. There?s a lot of religion around blogs that makes it not a great tool for, say, someone like my mother, who?d love to publish things on the web? I think there is a huge opportunity for blogs to broaden their perspective in the way they view some of their conventions and make themselves a lot more palatable for the public at large. ”
Google VP Marissa Meyer, speaking at Burda Digital Lifestyles Day
(Via Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine)

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  1. lizriz says:

    While I agree with the sentiment that a forum for one-off blog entries could be quite interesting… (while it’s not a new concept, I’ve certainly seen initial attempts at this), it will never cease to amaze me that people cannot seem to get away from trying to impose rules on blogging that don’t actually exist. I have to post everyday? I can’t retract or revise things? In fact, the very act of calling it “a religion around blogs” gives strength to the fact that there are no rules. Clearly, I don’t follow her particular blog religion!

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