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“Rethink newspapers. Give every journalist a blog. Journalists blog their features, columns, their hobbies, daft stories about the journey to work, photos of their cat, wotever – anything and everything they’re interested in. They tag their work. Section editors receive tagged submissions via an RSS like function. They edit for word count, spelling etc., they wiki through articles with the journalist and/or other editors and anyone else for that matter before forwarding final copy to the printing press/online portal. While printing presses, as we know them, remain with us.

All finished copy runs with a link to the journalist’s blog. An important new part of the journalist’s job will involve them making their notes, raw copy, interview transcripts, MP3’s, pictures etc. available and open for comments on their blog. Discussion of any given story can take place in the main body of the newspaper/newspaper blog, again using a comments-esque feature. Discussion is likely to spill over onto the journalist’s own blog.”
–Graham Holliday, Stillbop and Noodlepie blogger and freelance journalist

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  1. pieman says:

    Thanks Susan – but, it’s Graham Holliday, not the more common Halliday.
    Yes, this all seems perfectly logical to me, but I’d like a newspaper person’s persepctive.

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