• Quote of the Day 1

    “What we’re seeing right now is a cultural shift due to the introduction of a new medium and the emergence of greater restrictions on youth mobility and access. The long-term implications of this are unclear. Regardless of what will come, youth are doing what they’ve always done – repurposing new mediums in order to learn… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “…we’re at an impasse today in the 2.0 space. The 2.0 crowd has the right tools (communities, networks, attention markets, etc), but not the right audiences. Big media still has the audiences, but not the tools. (snip) … The failure to understand, craft and articulate 2.0 value propositions is just the latest example of this… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 1

    “We’re seeing all these feature-oriented startups lately – site after site of them. But does the world need more features at this point? They’re not using the ones they already have. It’s basic supply and demand, right? We’re entering a glut of new ways to do the same old things right now, and that means… Continue Reading

  • Edgeio: Classifieds tag aggregator goes live

    Edegio, an aggregator and community for the creation and publication of classifieds tags–think For Sale meets bookmarks–has gone live this morning, Keith Teare reports. Om Malik has details, including the “$1.5 million in angel funding from the likes of Ron Conway, RSS Investors, Transcosmos, Louis Monier (AltaVista founder, formerly of eBay and now at Google),… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Burnham: Googlebase is facilitating payments as merchant of record–what will this do to eBay? Dan Pacheo: Local classifieds/community site Bakotopia wins an NAA Edgie! Secret sauce: Bakotunes. Ralston 360 View: My old friend Peter Levitan is blogging. Malcolm Gladwell–he’s blogging! Lisa Williams: Her great citizen journalism blogroll.

  • Back from a break

    This was one of those weekends I just turned all the devices off. Instead, I walked, did yoga, hung out with good friends, and went to the SF Chronicle winetasting. It’s great to step away from the digital world and refocus for a couple of days; it makes diving back into blogging, news, work and… Continue Reading

  • Start-up cafes: SF favorites revealed

    Jackson West’s got a lovely post on how wired cafes are replacing office space–and back bedrooms–as start-up starters. However, he’s failed to list two of my favorites– Canvas Gallery, where we started working on Rojo back in 2003 (I still go there–easy to park), and Coupa Cafe, on Ramona Street in Palo Alto, where everyone… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “The main thing to remember is that you generally only get one look from the early adopter crowd. There is just too much going on for them to give a flawed company multiple chances to get it right. You either grab their attention, or you lose their attention. If you grab ?em, everything is easier… Continue Reading

  • Noted:Searcherati

    Tristan Louis on movement in and out of the Technorati 100. Dave Sifry on Technorati’s new features: OPML and Technorati Favorites Doc Searls: He’s playing with it.

  • RSS religion: keeping the faith

    RSS father Dave Winer’s working to keep the standards alive and the code current. Dave writes: “Now, it may be possible that after three years in the market, that RSS 2.0 could be radically improved, but the roadmap says that no person or group of people has the exclusive right to improve it, and that… Continue Reading