Quote of the Day 2

“…we’re at an impasse today in the 2.0 space. The 2.0 crowd has the right tools (communities, networks, attention markets, etc), but not the right audiences. Big media still has the audiences, but not the tools.
… The failure to understand, craft and articulate 2.0 value propositions is just the latest example of this VC decay. VC must change organizationally and strategically – or the downward spiral is going to continue. And that’s why we’ve reached an impasse: because, just possibly, the real chasm for 2.0 is exactly the set of guys that should be seeding, growing, nurturing, and building it.”
–Umair Hauge, Bubblegum Generation.,writing on how VCs don’t get media and therefore are faiing to help 2.0 tech companies and big media connect the dots.