Rich II: CL vs dating sites (Yes, like Yahoo Personals)

So how does Rich assess CL vs paid dating listings, a la Y ! Personals and Some snippets of his POV here:
“The personals column competes with, eHarmony, and other dating sites. But it’s got something they don’t. A riveting editorial column written by the users. ”
And, as Rich points out, Craig has lots more links on his home page to personals categories.
(Susan says true, but as users know, the very randomness of CL dating often makes the results (i.e. people you meet) as surprising as the posts.)
Rich’s final quote:
” …who else attacks so many different businesses on a single hompage? Online dating, events, real estate, apartments, forums, used cars, community, jobs. OMG… Yahoo. ”
Gotta love that Rich, how true is that? LOL.

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  1. Gratis says:

    I personally doubt very much that CL can come close to or paid websites. This is because match for instance is very specialized towards the dating service. CL is too general. Everything for everyone = nothing

  2. Andy says:

    I like using . It’s free, easy to use and doesn’t cost anything. Pretty cool! They have Date mapping with Google maps, and you can contact people any way you want (IM, email, etc.) They also have the ability to contact users on any other paid dating site for free. SWEET!
    That’s just my 2 cents!

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