RIP: Wendy Wasserstein

I can’t believe that author and playwright Wendy Wasserstein has died! Only 55, PW says Wasserstein had a months-long battle with lymphoma and breast cancer. The mother of a daughter, long-time New Yorker Wasserstein was one of the smart, funny woman who informed the intellectual life of NYC–it seems tragic she would die so young.

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  1. Lynda Keeler says:

    I agree…when I read the news I was in shock. What an amazing talent and from what I read an incredible person. What a loss. I loved the Heidi Chronicles and if one of her plays was on Broadway I’d make a special effort to see it when I was visiting New York.

  2. Lewis B. Sckolnick says:

    Primorskii Bulvar
    Late one Sunday afternoon in March
    Long after the first flicker of fame
    Had already come to set upon you
    When you were still
    Not yet quite the mother
    We spoke for an hour
    Into space and back
    Across the telephone
    About everything
    Except the theatre
    With word being built upon word
    As though we were building
    Some Odessian palace
    The French forgot in their haste
    To set in its most proper place
    By The Steps on Primorskii Bulvar
    I had once seen in some magazine
    A landscape photograph of you
    Sitting on your long living room couch
    With some out of tune guy
    Who seemed so disinterested
    He really did not look at home
    But even that now takes some acting
    In this new century of ours
    How long ago all of that now seems
    But then our yesterdays are just that
    Wendy Wasserstein 1950-2006
    Copyright c 2006 Lewis B. Sckolnick

  3. Jackie rafferty says:

    I was shocked to hear she died. I and some classmates in my drama class just did our rendition of “uncommon women & others.”i portrayed “carter.” i think if mrs.wasserstein was there,she would be proud. R. I. P wendy wasserstein. You will be sorely missed.

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