TechCrunch5: Tweaking the SV bubbleists

The party was a blast–a convention without a convention–and filled with fascinating colleagues, entrepeneurs, geeks and media folk–thank you Mike and Keith, Pluck, Rojo, Eurekster(great to see you all)–it was so much fun.
Techcrunch5 party photos here. As of this morning, there are 550 photos of this party on flickr, which clearly does not translate into 1.1 photos of each attendee–it’s more like lotsa photos of Scoble, Shel, Stowe Boyd, and then tons of other shots.
Also–Read a tremendously funny post from Rick Segal on the Web 2.0 cool crowd (is that an oxymoron?) at the Scoble-honoring Tech Crunch party on Friday.
Update: Did I mention how amusing it was that Scott Beale brought ValleyWag guy Nick Douglas? Waiting to read his *overheard* list.