• Quote of the Day: What is identity?

    “the tendency of the walled-gardeners is to force these keys to behave as if they were physical. And we need to move into the 21st century and push back. Hard. Like we had to push back on being able to choose our PINs and change them. Like we had to push back on being able… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    techcrunch reviews feedreaders: Rojo and Bloglines(my personal faves) get the raves. emily chang’s StyleHive goes live–this is what you get when geeks & fashion mate. Six Apart opens up its developer platform for widgets (Via dan farber). “So far, 33 TypePad widgets are available, ranging from commerce and games to content and search?and they are… Continue Reading

  • Events: What I (might) do this month

    Mobile Monday: Flash and SVG with Fuchsia Design , Beatware–April 3rd, 7 PM 2nd Annual WTC Venture Capital Awards, hosted by the Women’s Technology Cluster –April 4th, 6 PM Via Podtech: The Third Conference on Innovation Journalism, Stanford–April 5-7, 2006 BayChi: Beyond Search: Social and Personal Ways of Finding Information-April 11, 7 PM

  • Termites and (not) blogging

    So I just got into my place after three nights staying with friends–everyone in the complex had to move out so they could tent and fumigate for termites. Puts a crimp in my blogging frequency not to have that 6-7 am time zone to read, sip coffee, and blog before I walk the dog and… Continue Reading

  • Burning Man 2006?

    I am thinking about going to Burning Man this year for the first time ever–I’d welcome advice from friends/readers/burners about where to camp, what to expect–you can leave comments here or email me.

  • Quote of the Day

    “You have a lot of great bloggers out there, and a lot of time they blog about a subject you may not be as strong on on your own site. We just thought we’d get on the front lines and see if it’s something that would work long term for us.” –Jim Brady, executive editor… Continue Reading

  • What I am not getting from Big Love

    So Big Love, the drama about Mormon polygamy (and polyamory) running on HBO, has a great cast and a nice pace, but there are a couple of central questions that just haven’t been answered, and the lack of context is undercutting the impact of the show for me. I get the circle of wives and… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “The basic web unit is no longer a site, or even a page. It’s a piece of data. And that piece of data can appear anywhere.” –Peter De Vanzo, searchengineblog., writing on why he thinks Google is the (new) web. (Via chewshop and seobook)