Paul Martino’s new company whips the covers off this morning– Aggregate Knowledge–a mix of small publisher and newsreader/blug user tools. Changes afoot: Ex-MusicNet, MTV’s Paul Greenberg is the new GM; former lead Dave Bovenshculte is focusing on on product development.
Dave Evans: “When can I subscribe to my dating feed like I do my news feeds?” (When, indeed?)
YASN: Will Fox buy Dogster?–And would anyone notice?
Alt Dating: Via ZDNet and the WSJ, Neilsen reports that traffic to Adult Friendfinder rose 67% in January 2006 from January 2005. 10.1 million unique vistors a month? Wow.
Newsday: “Republican attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro says social networking sites such as have become a “breeding ground for pedophiles.”

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  1. mobile jones says:

    “a breeding ground for pedophiles.”
    Wow! So MySpace is actually creating pedophiles? I don’t pretend to understand how pedophiles are created, but if a website can, then perhaps parents should exercise some oversight.
    I’d be interested in knowing how the incidence of criminal activity in virtual communities compare per capita with physical world communities. Is there any research on such a comparison?

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