Jeff Jarvis says Reuters gets it. “What’s great about Glocer?’ talk is not only that he gets it but he gives us respect. Standing in London, he compares bloggers to the great diarists. He says that people will turn to the Rafats of the world to interpret news.”
Richard MacManus asks: “In a mash-up world, who’s in control “To put it bluntly, data owners hold the balance of power in this new world of Web mashups.”
YASN: MTV struggles to stay relevant.
Adam Weinroth sure is read for SXSW Interactive–check him out if you’re going.
Brad Neuberg: ‘In the first phase of the Hyperscope project, mapped out to be the following six months, we are going to implement Engelbart and his team’s advanced hyperlink system on the web, including some of the user interface of NLS.’
Dave Pollard: If Our Job Is Work, and Marriage is Work, And Recreation is Work, When Do We Have Fun?