• Newsweek: Hyping the Living Web

    Newsweek’s got a cover story that takes Bay area joy around Web 2.0 and social media tools and turns it into a national web kiss, conplete with some of the best and the brightest beaming from cute photos. Stuart Butterfield, Caterina Fake and Flickr make the cover of Newsweek via got a story that begins,… Continue Reading

  • Life at the office

    Observations 2 months in: As I sat in a meeting with a recent hire, I realized how well I was going to get to know this person over time–and that one of the pleasures of working in a team was getting to know everyone and building ties to them. –And how, in fact, those connections… Continue Reading

  • Congrats: New West Gets Funded

    As publisher/founder Jon Weber knows, I’m a huge fan of NewWest, the web newsmagazine/blog/community site for the high mountains states, so it was great to hear they just got a round of financing, known in the trade as a series A (first official round). Paid Content reports that New Jersey boy (and Montana landowner) Maury… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Beats

    Evelyn Rodriguez: Blogging, marketing and the Beat poets, a marvelous yawp. Tom Formeski: Blogs and the Beat Generation–“… there is a kinship and a natural lineage that runs from the Beat writers of fifty years ago, to the blogosphere of today.” Chad: Beat it–It’s Hack Day at Yahoo this Friday! Bonus link: Ethan Zuckerman: Protesting… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day: What other characteristics do social software websites, like digg, have in common with online, passive games like travian?

    “The real poster child of web 2.0 is tagging. Every website supports it and tags now present a real alternative to traditional search. Tags and the keyword dictionarys that they create provide a domain-specific grammar that can be applied on a hyper-local level, to a specific website. For passive games, tagging doesn?t really apply. However,… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day

    “Digital architectures alter the structure of social life and information flow. Persistence, searchability, the collapse of distance and time, copyability… These are not factors that most everyday people consider when living unmediated lives. Yet, they are increasingly becoming normative in society. Throughout the 20th century, mass media forced journalists and “public” figures to come to… Continue Reading

  • Strong ties, blogrolls, aggregators

    Jeneane at Allied has a great post about how aggregators are packagers for lazy people that Shelly at Burning Bird picks up. Short version: Blogs–along with blogrolls and comments–are a community ecosystem and we need them. J: “We have to get out and WALK the blog neighborhood. Everyone reading this post, please make sure that… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Lovosphere & more

    David Evans on background checks and doing a deal with the personals sites: “The company that wins must have a rock-solid web-based service, intimate knowledge of the online dating industry and a business model that works, including pricing, marketing and customer service. No one single company has been able to deliver on all three counts.”… Continue Reading

  • Lisa Stone on Big media and Little Media

    I liked Lisa Stone’s analogies on big media and little media dueling it out for attention as the mainstream press and the participatory journalists as Daddy and Mommy. Lisa writes: “Here’s what I mean when I say that I feel feel as though mommy and daddy are fighting. What I have learned is that Daddy… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Do you know how long it took me to start a blog, even? How many of my friends I made fun of becauase of it? Only to find out a month later, a month after a started up a blog of my own, that the cool people no longer blogged, they Facebook-ed? First my friends,… Continue Reading