• Wine Geeks!

    All work and no play doesn’t cut it, so today some friends and I are going to Sonoma to go wine-tasting. We’ll be a carful–4 out of 5 of us will be bloggers, and 2 will be obsessive photographers and every single breathing mammal in the vehicle will work in technology, mostly around social media… Continue Reading

  • Friday, Noted

    del.icio.us adds ‘your network’ social networking tool–did they get it from my web? Clickable Culture (and others): Second Life has 200, 000 avatars–double 4 mos ago. Ross Mayfield: What are the power laws of user engagement? Ross writes: “…Patterns have emerged where low threshold participation amounts to collective intelligence and high engagement provides a different… Continue Reading

  • The power of Burning Man

    So I keep getting interesting comments on my “Thinking of going to Burning Man” post. So I checked, and this post is # 7 in a Google search for ‘going to burning man.’ Page Rank is a loop, folks. Get yourself up there and people keep finding you. Interestingly, my blog post is nowhere on… Continue Reading

  • Niall Kennedy: Facebook enters the workplace

    New Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy’s got a post on how Facebook now allows registration from certain corporations–Microsoft being one of them. The Facebook registration page allows would-be registrants to select “Work” as one of their network choices–but when I tried to sign up with my Yahoo ID, it said my school wasn’t being supported (Darn!)… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “I came out as a blogger because I read blogs that made me think I could write about my life. If those blogs turn out to have shades of truth and tints of lie, that doesn’t change the empowerment I have felt from putting my own words out there. …If those words are exposed as… Continue Reading

  • Podcasted: Susan on blogs and marketing

    My old friend Peter Levitan’s added me to his podcasting series, holding forth on blogs and marketing. If you’re a digerati, there’s not much new here. If you’re more of a regular guy, probably worth a listen.

  • Has it really been 4 days?

    Geeze. a weekend away, a busy job–and I haven’t posted for several days–arrghh! Let’s see if I can make that rightover the next week–blogging is one of my regular morning activities, along with walking the big dog. This is one of those ‘my life ate my blog’ moments…As in, I am committed to blogging, but… Continue Reading

  • Search, start-ups, Treos, passion

    I had drinks with some friends last night who work in the emerging tech, Web 2.0 space. It was GREAT to see everyone, and we had some marvelous talk about ideas and new tools, but after I crawled home way too late, some comments stuck in my head that seem worth sharing. One friend, who… Continue Reading

  • AOL goes after MySpace–launching soon

    There’s lotsa buzz in the blogosphere today about AOL launching a social network dubbed a ” myspace killer. While some might question whether AOL’s brand is a major deal-killer for anything remotely like myspace, one has to assume management in Dulles is smart enough to know that and the new product would not have any… Continue Reading