AOL goes after MySpace–launching soon

There’s lotsa buzz in the blogosphere today about AOL launching a social network dubbed a ” myspace killer. While some might question whether AOL’s brand is a major deal-killer for anything remotely like myspace, one has to assume management in Dulles is smart enough to know that and the new product would not have any triangles or Running Men bedecking the templates.
Could AOL take a run at social media and make it work, you ask?
Well, remember that AOL still has a good piece of the core team that worked both on ICQ and AIM around–Product Manager June Herold, for example, and there were lots of relevant lessons learned from those products.
Also, AOL seems to have invested heavily in the consultant tip, bringing in digerati like Marc Canter (don’t they ever make these guys sign confidentiality agreements?) and other tagging experts, so they clearly know they can add to the heavy (conceptual) lifting.
And finally, they have Calcanis and Bankoff, two really smart and opportunistic execs.
So why wouldn’t they give it a try?
Guys, bring it on–and please, please, please–name it something simple and good.

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  1. Daniel, Rogue Connect says:

    I’d love to know what AOL plans the target audience for this new project to be. The age group is obvious enough, but are they aiming at the US only or looking farther afield?
    A lot of the MySpace crowd seem to use AIM, but I don’t have a single friend outside of the US who does (I’m taking this as a rule of hand, it isn’t necessarily).
    If they are looking father afield, they’re really going to have to come up with something great as I can’t see their existing network serving them well outside of the US.

  2. Robert Hoffer says:

    Jason and Jim and Marc, oh my! You’d think with those 600 points of IQ on board AOL could lead the market for a change instead of (yawn) following.
    They’re big innovations of late have consisted of strictly Me3 products offering no real additional functionality and showing up late at the table.
    Why not take a risk and try something cutting edge for a change?
    Open note to the big brains: Boys – online ain’t potato chips and you ain’t Fritos. Take a flier!

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