GoogleBase marches on

Google Romance may have been an April Fool’s joke, but online dating via Googlebase seems like an early-stage reality.
As a subset of People Profiles, this is interesting–but what’s especially interesting are some of the small dating services loading profiles into the GB and the small but growing number of individuals posting themselves as date bait–basically, there’s little cross-over between the explicitly sexual profiles posted on GB and the listings you see on most of the bigger online dating sites.
My friend Richard MacManus has a good piece on Google Base and all the formats they are now supporting–Michael Nguyen calls it Google Base Creep-
Of course GB will impact real estate, cars, jobs, before Personals, but the march is on.

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  1. Dossy Shiobara says:

    Susan: these aren’t “individuals posting themselves as date bait” — this is an adult matchmaking site,, spamming Google Base.
    They’re posting teasers to get folks to click through to their site, hoping they’ll sign up as members, etc.
    I hope Google figures a way to shut them down.

  2. Scott Rafer says: has also seemingly put their entire DB in. I bet additional “legitimate” sites will follow suit. Porn always leads the way and always will. Google simply needs to add a “Safe Search” option to Google Base to protect kids and some adults.

  3. Dimitar Vesselinov says:

    “My latest favorite one person show is, which is a dating site. The service is very similar to other established competitors–except it’s completely free to use (other sites, like Match, charge a monthly fee). The site’s sole owner and employee claims to generate ~$10,000/day from contextual ads.
    Looks like has about 1/6th of the traffic that has.”

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